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Meet our
leadership team

Based in Sydney, the Digital Panda team are Chinese social media and marketing experts. We can help build and execute a winning strategy to target Chinese in Australia, China and abroad, supported by a team of Chinese marketing specialists in Australia and 300+ highly experienced team members in Hong Kong and China.


An overview of
Digital Panda’s services

Chinese Social Media

● Set Up

Account registration and set-up including tabs, landing page/ Chinese website; account verification; e-Commerce; QR Code design

● Launch & Grow

Launch events; leverage media, influencers, bloggers and key opinion leaders (KOLs); local area marketing (LAM); above the line (ATL) marketing; creative initiatives; WeChat and Weibo advertising; Chinese SEO and SEM

● Manage

Social media community management; Chinese creative content creation; language development in Mandarin/ Cantonese/ Simplified Chinese/ Traditional Chinese and more

Media Services

Data-driven, targeted Chinese media services, from websites to apps including Moments Advertising

PR & Strategy

Bespoke, creative PR events, KOL influencer campaigns & more with creative strategy and insights research

Social Listening

Monitoring of social media to better understand your customers and sentiments online


Niche targeting of
Chinese audience segments

in China

  • 1.4 billion Chinese
  • 4.4 million+ millionaires
  • 100 million Chinese  – top 10% of the world’s richest people
  • 4 cities in top 25 GDP cities in the world in 2018; 34 cities in top 100 GDP cities by 2035
  • Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Chongqing, each city has a population larger than Australia

in Australia

  • 900,000+ Chinese speakers
  • 1.75 million Chinese by ancestry including business migrants, millennials, influencers KOLs
  • 2 million+ Chinese international students in 2017 (1.4 million in higher education alone)
  • 10,000+ Chinese migrant millionaires in 2017
  • 1.4 million Chinese tourists 


A game-changer
social platform

China’s leading social media app – a business game changer

Over 1.15 billion monthly active users worldwide and over 1.5 million Australian users

Most open WeChat 10 times per day or more for 77 min per day

The all-in-one app for calls, messaging, media sharing, payment, games and more

14 million corporates are on WeChat operating business accounts


Digital Panda's

Your trusted Chinese marketing partner in Australia

  • Extensive Chinese social media experience with blue-chip clients in Australia and overseas
  • Work closely with Australia’s leading multicultural marketing experts – MultiConnexions - in digital media, advertising, PR and experiential
  • Audience insights-driven strategy
  • Creative Chinese writing, rigorous language development (including translations)
  • Dedicated account manager as a single point of contact to look after your business


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